It was a lovely day today, better than forecast with solid sunshine and blue sky all day and a high of around 16-17 degrees Celsius. I had to drop into the Mairie at Plazac this morning to find out what I now have to do about submitting my two planning dossiers – the main one for the work I want to do renovating and extending my house and the second one to do with updating my ‘système d’assainissement’ (septic tank system).

Somewhat revealingly, the lady in the Mairie didn’t know and had to make a telephone call to find out, so the French planning system is as impenetrable to them as it is to we foreigners, which I found slightly satisfying given as how it’s taken me weeks to find my way through it. It turns out that I have to hold back on submitting my main planning application until I’ve resolved what needs to be done to make my ‘système conforme’ which was a bit disappointing as it will only lengthen the delay before I can actually go ahead with the work I have planned . ‘C’est la vie’ I suppose.

After lunch I went over to Malbec to carry out the next stage on ASY’s wingtip paint job, which was to rub down the primer from yesterday and apply a spray coat of finishing. I’ve found it incredibly difficult getting hold of brilliant white spray paint over here – every other colour you can imagine, yellows, blues, reds, purples, but not brilliant white for some reason. I managed to find a single brand some time ago at LeClerc in Périgueux and today was the first time I’d used it. And I was very disappointed as it was thin and watery and ran at the first opportunity.

Nevertheless, I achieved a quite good result and here’s how it looked after returning this evening to polish it up a bit.


I don’t know what resin(s) are in the paint, but even after several hours, it still hadn’t hardened and although I stopped before any damage was done, the paint had become even browner at the end than when I first sprayed it. And it wasn’t actually what you’d call brilliant white then, but I’ll have to see how it looks tomorrow before deciding what I’ll do next.

Ideally, if tomorrow is anything like today, especially in the evening, I’d really like to get a flight in. It should be and although the runway was still soft in parts today, it should be OK to use tomorrow in this weather, especially if I leave it until later on. It could do with a mow, though, just as all the grass around my house now could too. But it’s all about priorities, isn’t it 😉