my Ex-pat Xair is now safely tied-down in her new home at Malbec. Today’s flight from Clipgate Farm to the Dordogne was one of, if not the most horrendous long-distance flight that I’ve ever done. But I’ll tell more tomorrow. Now I just want to take a shower and fall into bed where I’ll probably sleep for a week.

4 thoughts on “Job done!

  1. Thanks Sean, glad to be back after what was a long and very tiring flight. Crossing the Channel turned out to be the easy bit! The hard work and problems came later but managed to sort them out with help along the way. Light aviation people are great on both sides of the Channel 😉

  2. Cheers Wim, horrible flight though, worse than anything we experienced on our west coast trip. Turbulent all the way to Le Blanc so working with stick and rudder the whole time because of the wind gusts. Really tiring. This is the last long flight that I’ll do in a slow ULM! Only the Savannah in future.

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