There’s been another twist in the tale of 28AAD, my lovely old Weedhopper. When we first got in contact many weeks ago, the now new owner said that he wanted to do the flight himself from the Dordogne up to the airfield in the north of France where he proposes to keep the aircraft. I said that maybe it was a bit unwise for him to consider such a long flight so soon in his ULM flying career, as not only do such flights require considerable planning but they are also very tiring and demanding of even the most experienced pilots. I therefore said that I would be happy to undertake it for him but he said that he really wanted to do it himself and thought that he’d be able to cope with it after a few hours of instruction.

After having flown 28AAD for a while he now realises how good that advice was and considers that he doesn’t have the experience to do it right now after all. This doesn’t come as a surprise to me and I think that it’s to his credit that he has come to this conclusion in advance, before embarking on what might have become a potentially disastrous event. This, of course, now leaves the problem of how to get the Weedhopper up to the north of France, so it looks as though I’ll be getting another long cross-country flight in it after all.

Victor and Madeleine are leaving for a brief holiday and Victor therefore won’t be around to give me a hand after Thursday. The weather at Montpazat looks as though it might be a bit tricky with local winds and strong gusts coming in tomorrow, so I’m proposing that with Victor’s help I’ll get down to pick the Weed up on Thursday evening to fly it back to Malbec. If the weather then remains according to forecast I’ll then fly it out early on Saturday morning as far as Coulommiers to the east of Paris where I’d expect to arrive at around 1.30 pm.

This is all a bit rushed and not the usual way I go about things but it does have a useful outcome because I could then take the train to Paris and the Eurostar to London, from where I could make my way to see my sister and brother in law again and thence to pick up my car at Clipgate. Whether it will all work out like that we’ll have to wait and see, however 😕

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