We’re passing through a period of much cooler weather than we’ve been experiencing for the past few weeks – 20s rather than 30s degrees Celsius – with a occasional light rain to water the plants and get the grass and weeds growing like mad again. But still fairly settled and with some good flying days thrown in that I’ve not capitalised on for one reason or another.

But not so in the UK, where a series of deep low pressure fronts have kept thundering in from the Atlantic bringing with them lashing rain and storm force winds. So no possibilty of my flying there as even if I could find a brief weather window, there would be no point in then having the Savannah tied down outside for days in such conditions with the possibilty even of it potentially suffering damage. Plus I’d not know when I’d be able to get out again and escape back to France.

So I’ve been back to busying myself with other matters and continuing to get things ship-shape at home. Like the Kia. I’m expecting to get it back this afternoon at long last. While it’s been laid up someone has managed to damage the driver-side (left-hand) seat belt, probably by slamming it in the door catch. It’s really annoying because when it broke down (over a year ago) it was only a week out of its CT (French bi-annual MOT) and it would never have got through it with a cut in the side of its seat belt, so it must have been done since then.

It’s cost me a further £50 odd to find a replacement on UK Ebay and get it shipped over, so after my mechanic has checked all the work that he’s done, as I asked him to (all nuts, bolts, clips, brackets, fastenings etc tight and in place, stuff like that), we’re going to fit it later this afternoon. And then I should be able to bring the Kia home again and start dealing with several other little issues that I’ve been getting myself ready for.

I also got back to sorting out my ‘atelier’ some more. I acquired four storage racks a few weeks ago but only initially assembled two of them which I then filled up with stuff that up to then had been all over the floor. The other two I hadn’t finished assembling, until this week end, so yesterday I was able to put those in place and get even more stuff off the floor and onto their shelves.





I originally found assembling the racks very fiddly and tedious as they’re made from thin metal that bends very easily making slotting the various components together quite difficult. The problem is keeping tabs aligned so they slot in properly without popping out and not locking as they should. I’ve now find that by slightly bending them ‘inwards’ and treating them very gently the job became much easier and I’ve even found that I can do it much quicker than I could originally.

In fact, I’m so pleased that I’ve ordered four more to go along the back wall. I won’t have much to put on them right away but they’ll allow me to get stuff that are hidden in boxes on the other shelves out in plain view where I’ll be able to find things more easily.

The next things I’ll do is add some more lighting and clear out all the old mouse poo. Whether that’ll deter the little rotters from coming back again I don’t know, but if not I’ll have to think about taking the battle to them and if I have to do that, none of us will like it very much 😐

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