To complement the Photo Galleries, I’ve now managed to add a Videos page as well 🙂

Not as easy as I first thought. I spent ages searching for suitable plugins – and believe me, there are a lot of them to choose from. But many of them assume that you just want to post YouTube or other similar third-party vids which isn’t much use if you want to show your own ones that are stored on your web site.

And also, very annoyingly, there are loads out there where the people who created them have then utterly failed in explaining how to use them 😯 Blimey – what a waste of time and effort, both for them (sadly) and me!

Anyway, I think I’ve got what I want although I’ve not managed even now to find a plugin that does it exactly. I still have to do a bit of extra coding on the Videos page myself to get the layout I want. But I’m pleased with it, I have to say 😉

2 thoughts on “Hooray! Videos!

  1. Thanks Tony. Clipgate is a great little field in a lovely area but remember, there’s nothing there. No facilities I mean – you can’t even get a cup of tea so you’d have to bring your own! The videos came about because of last year’s appalling weather. I dabble a bit in designing flight sim scenery and because I was flying so infrequently on account of the weather, I decided to make a Clipgate scenery so I could at least fly on my PC 😉 The Quad City video uses the first, experimental scenery I made for FS2004 and the Trike video the much more sophisticated and detailed scenery I went on to make for FSX, the current version of MS Flight Simulator. I’m currently in the process of updating the FS2004 one to make it more like the FSX version so I can upload both for other virtual pilots to use 🙂

  2. Hi Roger,

    Great piece of housework 🙂 I love the videos and gallery. Thanks for the link to my blog, most appreciated. I have never flown into clipgate, I will have to come down there sometime.


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