Yesterday I was again shown why the French economy is in such a mess and why France will never be successful as a trading nation in the form of yet another example of bloody-minded non-customer service.

The day before the Covid-19 lockdown started in France I purchased a foot-pump at the Feu-Vert branch in Boulazac but found immediately that it didn’t work. I ended up pumping up the tyres of my trailer using the branch’s air line in its workshop but only later was I able to confirm that the pump itself was faulty. It was too late by then to return it for refund as the lockdown had started and I was only able to yesterday now that we are permitted a greater degree of free movement.

The terms and conditions of sale of Feu Vert make it quite clear that if customers wish to exercise their right of refund they must return the goods to the point of sale in unused condition with proof of purchase and preferably in their original packaging after which Feu Vert will take up to 14 days to effect a full refund, so I expected my visit to be brief and a mere formality.

But not so. Initially the clueless youth on the till said that it was their policy to only offer refunds up to 10€ and above that I had to accept a coupon which I could use to purchase another item. This, of course, I declined, at which point he said that I’d need to talk to the manager who was due back any moment. And this after I’d already been waiting for the best part of 15 minutes while other customers behind me in the queue were dealt with.

When the manager arrived he tried to fob me off in the most rude and off-hand manner and said that the store did not offer refunds. I pointed out to him that under EU law the store had to as the item I’d purchased was defective but he still refused to cooperate in the most obnoxious way, especially when I asked him to put this down on paper with his signature. He then even refused to provide me with his name.

So I’ve now got to launch myself into the process of yet again making a claim against a French company whose staff member has decided that it can act outside the law. I will win again as I always do but it is becoming tediously repetitive and I wish that French companies would do some staff training instead of employing morons who think that by behaving so stupidly they are doing their employers a favour.

Changing the subject, it looks as though we can now expect some good flying weather in the next few days. In fact the weather would be perfect at present for flying the Xair over from the UK but that option isn’t open right now as I haven’t made the necessary arrangements. However, it looks as though from tomorrow through until the middle of next week it should be possible to get airborne locally, so I’m looking forward to getting a few hours in in both the Weedhopper and my Savannah. Watch this space.

2 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. Thanks Rog, got it. So it looks as though the CAA did have their meeting and something did come out of it. Hurrah! So if I can get around this 14 day quarantine thing for people entering the UK I should be able to bring the Xair over from the first week in June. Fingers crossed…

  2. Rog, the DfT has allowed GA flying as of today. I will send you a copy of the letter by PM.

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