I’m being buried under a tidal wave of plums. After clearing the area under my trees of fallen plums two days ago so I could mow the grass here’s a shot of what I collected yesterday morning to clear the area again.


Two huge bowlsful. I don’t know what to do with them. You can only make so much jam and I don’t have that many jars anyway.

We’ve had a drizzly start to the day today but I’ve looked out and found that today there are even more on the ground to be picked up with a large number still left on the trees that will inevitably follow in the next few days.

I’ve just eaten several for ‘afters’ after today’s lunch but they’re so filling that you can only consume so many that way and my guess is that as they’re so sweet, they’re full of calories too.

At the moment I don’t see any alternative other than to start throwing away perfectly good plums that Madeleine tells me are selling for 3€/kilo in the supermarkets. Very sad but I can’t see any other way out of the problem. Suggestions on a postcard please… 🙁

On a different note, there’s a possible light at the end of the tunnel on the car front. I spoke to my mechanic yesterday as he wanted to give starting the Kia’s engine another go, so I went over to give him a hand turning the key while he stood by ready to blank off the air intake in case it started and began to rev uncontrollably, which is what it did.

He said that this confirmed that the engine itself is undamaged and that it’s just a fuel problem, so that was good news. But he still didn’t know for sure what the problem was although he suspected that as it was obvious that excess fuel was being pumped in under high pressure, it was probably down to the pressure control valve. However, he said not to order a replacement just yet because his diesel expert colleague had just got back from holiday and that he’d see what he thought might be the cause.

And so it was that shortly afterwards I got a message saying that when an injector pump breaks, as mine had done, and excess fuel pressure is applied to the injectors, it’s common for one or more of the latter to also fail. He said that he was going to test mine ASAP and a little while later I got the news that three of the four had indeed failed with a picture to prove it.

So hopefully we are getting there at last. I have already ordered four replacements to come in from Germany arriving next week so for the time being I’ve put buying another vehicle on hold. I’m still toying with the idea though, of hiring a small vehicle for next week in order to save Victor’s 2CV because I’m becoming more and more loathe to keep adding more and more kilometers to it. I’ll make my mind up about that very soon, but at least the prospects for my Kia appear as though they’re beginning to look up, and that’s a big something.