As I type this, my friend Wim is on the road to Strasbourg in his battered Ford Ka. If I know him, I bet he was off well before 6.00 am, so he’ll have been travelling now for something like five hours. The reason for his journey is his next adventure.

Over the winter, Wim built a boat about 5 metres in length, a rowing boat to be precise and to his own design. A few weeks ago he successfully tested it on local lakes and rivers and when Victor and I met up with him and Sophie for drinks on Monday evening, he’d already got it fitted out with most of the stuff he thought he’d need to row the length of the river Rhine, from Strasbourg to Rotterdam. He thought he wouldn’t need much, his much loved folding bike, an inflated air mattress in the bottom of the boat to sleep on and a cover to keep the rain off should it be needed, plus a few other bits and pieces and some spare clothes that he had put by ready to put in this morning. We spent an amusing couple of hours a few days ago sorting out the lights on one of his old trailers, which he’d modified by lengthening the towing arm to take his boat and which were flashing all over the place and at the wrong time, and although Wim said that he didn’t trust my test meter, we managed to sort them out in the end 🙂

I know he’ll be successful but I wished him good luck in any case in an email last night at around 10.00 pm when I’m sure he’d already have been tucked up in bed. He’s due to arrive in Rotterdam on about 1st August after which he’ll be spending some time there with friends and family. So ‘Go Wim!’, but it’ll be good to know that you’re back safe again here in the Dordogne when you’re done.