What a day this has been. Earlier on this afternoon I received a call from the person from whom I’m buying my land asking if I’ll be free to go the Notaire’s office on wednesday to sign the ‘Compromis de Vente’, after which there will only be formalities to complete to make the land mine. Of course, I said that I would be and it’s great to know that things are moving on in that department.

Then shortly afterwards came the cherry on top of the cake. I received a call from the lovely young couple who have been along to see my house and have already in just a few days had it inspected by a building expert, to say that they want to buy it. I’m so pleased for them as much as for myself because as we got to know each other I knew that they would be the perfect new owners.

What a start to the year this has been. So much has happened in not much more than a week and it’s amazing that I’ll soon be all set to embark on yet another new episode of my life here in France. It’s so exciting and I can hardly wait 🙂

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