Tonight was ‘Apero Night’ at my house and just before my friends arrived for drinks, snacks and the usual chat I was on my computer and knocked a full glass of red wine all over my computer keyboard. And I mean a full glass because there wasn’t even a mouthful of wine left in it afterwards. All I could do was rinse the keyboard under the tap, shake it out, leave it to dry and grab the keyboard and mouse off my ‘spare’ computer.

After they left I was using keyboard number 2 a few minutes ago when I turned around and tipped a nearly full tall glass of cider over it as well. I subjected it to the same process – rinse under the tap, shake out and dry as best as possible and I’m using it now to type this. Whether it will continue working I have no idea but for some reason, although I should be mad as heck, I can’t stop laughing.

Maybe I had a little too much to drink this evening after all and it’ll all look different in the morning. But there you are, no point crying over spilt milk, or red wine, or cider. What’s done is done. Better get back onto LeBonCoin to see if there are any bargains currently on offer 🙂

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