But not quite. I’d hoped to get all of the shuttering in for the new wood shelter’s concrete base today, but didn’t quite manage to do it. I’ve been finding the work on it very heavy going, mainly because the ground is hard, dry and full of rocks. I’ve had to use a pick-axe all the time rather than a shovel, which has made for rather hard work, and whenever I’ve banged a peg into the ground to nail the boards to, I’ve hit a rock. So I eventually decided that I was too shuttered – sorry, shattered – to continue and called it a day at 6.30 pm with one section of board still not in.


I should be able to finish that off pretty quickly tomorrow, when I’m feeling fresher again. And at just gone 11.00 pm I’m now going to turn in at what is quite early for me, so I can make an early start. I want to drop into the Point P builders merchants first thing tomorrow to see what it will cost to get a big bag of ballast delivered, although actually I have very little choice as for the time being I don’t have a tow bar on the Kia so can’t pick it up myself in my trailer. Then I can look forward to using up a lot of the hardcore that I dug out of my lawn a few weeks ago as sub-base for the concrete. It should be an interesting week as it’s forecast to be a hot one – not the best conditions for doing this kind of work. I’ll have to wait and see how it turns out. Might even be able to get a flight in if I’m lucky 😉