From the tyranny of Enedis and Véolia. I popped over to Leroy Merlin yesterday and purchased two 50 metre rolls of suitable 3-core electric cable and two each, in-line plugs and sockets to make up a pair of long extension leads. Then this morning in between the showers I laid a long cable across the intervening open field and connected up my caravan to a plug point in what used to be the former owner of my neighbour’s house’s chicken shed.

And now for the first time I have continuous power in my caravan without the clattering sound of my generator and the loud ker-ching sound of euros cascading out of my wallet. So I’m now receiving both water and electricity from my neighbour after agreeing, despite her reluctance, that I will be paying a daily or weekly rate for doing so, and we’re both happy.

As the tree man will be arriving this week to clear the bushes and small trees behind where my caravan is presently parked, I’ve decided that I’ll be moving it down to the bottom corner of my land so he can have full access for the machinery he’ll need. This will not only have the advantage of getting me away from where he’ll be working but it will also give me more privacy as well as being closer to my neighbour’s house.

In fact the more I think about it, if she’s happy with our arrangement, I could well end up keeping the caravan there for the long term as getting water every few days is not a huge chore, especially if I fit an electric pump in the caravan, and even when my own electricity is connected up, the premium you pay for a ‘temporary’ connection could well end up making it more expensive than the amount that we agreed that I will be paying her. And it will also be possible to run the connecting electricity cable under the trees where it will be inconspicuous and unlikely to cause an accident.

So something to think about, but every little step that I take is ending up making my life in my caravan a little more comfortable, which is no small deal I can tell you!

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