Brilliant news. A few days ago I placed an ad on AFORS (Aircraft For Sale web site) for hangar space or parking in Kent and got a call within a day or so from Bob at Linton near Maidstone. He invited me down to see the strip for myself and talk about it, which I did this morning.


Very cold, but although the snow mentioned in my previous post below did hit East and South Kent, it didn’t affect where I live or, luckily, Linton. No flying going on but got a warm welcome and a cup of coffee straight away, so a great start. We chewed the fat for a couple of hours or so and I had a look round. It’s just what I want – very informal, only a few aircraft there, not much by way of ‘facilities’ (which suits me fine), the sort of place where you get stuck in and help each other out. I liked it immediately and we ended up by shaking hands on a deal.

So I’ve now got a space, outside parking only initially, for MYRO as from March and can start making some plans. It’ll be a good place to finish assembling MYRO and get everything done that’s necessary to get it permitted and back into the air. I can actually make arrangements to get MYRO’s wings there more or less as soon as possible as there’s space enough for them in a hangar so they’ll be there ready for me to press on.

So much now to do, including finishing off getting my licence! But at least now I’ve got a way forward and some more clear targets to aim at. I can hardly wait 🙂

By the way – anyone know a good bank to rob 😉

Oh yeah – didn’t mention….. it’s a double celebration today actually because it’s also my birthday. Best one I’ve had for a while 😀

2 thoughts on “A place at last!

  1. Hiya John. Nice to know there will be at least two proper microlights at Linton then 😉

    I can’t wait to get in there. Liked it very much as soon as I saw it and it’ll be great to be able to get MYRO all done now. Look forward to meeting you very much and I’ll give you a ring later.


    PS – I’ll take your number off so you don’t get lots of double glazing salesmen ringing you 🙂

  2. Hi Roger I am the guy who also loves his little AX3. I have a hanger at Linton and look forward to meeting you. Bob says you are coming down on Sat. Give me a call and let me know when you are going. 01622 86****.

    Regards John

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