November 14, 2020

Another Microsoft Fail

Is Microsoft the most useless, gormless organisation in the universe? I think that there’s a distinct possibility that it is.

I’ve had a Microsoft ‘account’ for years for which I’ve used the same email address the whole time for log-in purposes. I call it an ‘account’ but it’s no such thing really as no financial transactions are ever involved. In fact, it’s only purpose nowadays is so I can log in every morning while I’m eating my breakfast to do the on-line Solitaire daily card game challenge and the only data it stores are my daily scores.

But shock horror, I recently really upset Microsoft’s system by changing my email address. I had no choice because I’d been using a free address that was being withdrawn unless I wanted to start paying for it and as most of the messages it received were junk, I didn’t much fancy that idea at all.

I’d also been using that same email address for log-in purposes on quite a few other web sites both in the UK and elsewhere so I had to embark over several weeks on a lengthy exercise of changing it on all of those as well as on my Microsoft ‘account’. The other web sites did actually include some significant ones, such as Paypal and Amazon where security is very important and very much so in comparison to Microsoft, and after going through the required procedures, which were fairly painless, the changeovers occurred and all are now functioning with the new email address that I switched to.

But not so Microsoft. Oh no. Microsoft detected ‘unusual’ activity on my ‘account’ and decided to bar it. Err, yes, it was due to a change in email log-in. Now humans are far too important within Microsoft to be bothered by petty matters concerning customers so there’s no way of contacting them and everything is dealt with by an ‘automatic system’. And this ‘intelligent’ system requires you to respond using the email address that you’re no longer using (that’s how bright their programmers are).

You then have to submit yourself to a process of confirming details about your ‘account’ which in my own case go back so many years that I can no longer recall them (eg the number of the credit card I used to pay for a Skype service back in around 2010) after which it tells you with no recourse that it hasn’t received enough information to unbar the ‘account’ thus leaving you in continued limbo.

So horror of horrors, Microsoft has now barred me fom my daily Solitaire card game. For security reasons. Is this pathetic or not? I certainly think so. It’s a tragedy that this appalling organisation that hasn’t had an original idea since Gates et al devised their operating system can continue to live well on that legacy despite their inept management style and business model. And it’s total contempt and disregard for those unfortunates like myself who have to continue using its services will hopefully some day lead to its downfall.