April 30, 2019

Do gremlins really exist?

No doubt about it. Three immediate examples from what I’m doing right now. I have already lost two possible windows for flying to the UK due to delays receiving items and materials for my Savannah’s new instrument panel. Actually getting my new radio and transponder delivered was the main problem that set me back by more than a week but once they arrived it should all have been a downhill run.

Has it been? Hardly. I have everything ready now to fit into the new panel. Only one problem. My order for the aluminium from which to make the panel never arrived and after I told the French supplier to get lost they gave me a refund with no argument. But as a result, a further two weeks lost and I’m now awaiting replacement material from Germany, which is en route.

As mentioned in my last posting, I want to incorporate a small microelectronic device to better regulate my Hobbs gauge that records engine hours. I have had nearly all of the components to hand to construct the device for several days except for what’s in a package ordered from a UK supplier. A follow-up order placed on that supplier has already arrived but my initial order seems to have gone missing. And naturally that’s the one that contains the circuit board without which I can do absolutely nothing.

Last one, which is just aggravating but not serious. I’m not happy with my panel labels and rather than buy another pre-printed sheet, it was cheaper actually to buy a proper little Brother electric label maker so I can make my own. As well as the white on black tape sample that it comes with (which is too wide for what I want) I ordered a narrower reel of white on black. I decided that the labels are not quite what I’m after so thought I’d go for black on white and ordered 1 reel of 3.5mm tape and a couple of 6mm, which I think is what I’ll be going with.

The 3.5mm, which was delivered today, is too narrow as I expected it would be and I wondered where the 6mm reels were that I ordered at the same time. Amazon tracking says that they were delivered yesterday. Huh? They weren’t, so they’ve obviously gone AWOL. In 5 minutes or less, Amazon have agreed to an instant refund so I’ll just reorder them but, as I say, aggravating.

Do gremlins ever go on holiday? I wish the one looking over my shoulder would give it a break for a while because at this rate I’ll even miss my third window for flying to the UK at the back-end of May and that I do not want to happen.