March 12, 2019


I haven’t posted lately but I haven’t been idle. I put my X-Air up for sale last week on Le Bon Coin, the free French small ads web site, and had a very good response. The first person who came to view it on Saturday, from the Vendée on the west coast, decided to buy it and as we’re going through a spell of poor weather said that he’d like to take the wings off and trailer it back there.

I said that I couldn’t see the point of doing that because I’d be happy to fly it up to St Aubin where he has a place in a hangar, and if I couldn’t fly the likelihood would be that he wouldn’t be able to either. He saw the logic and we agreed that I’d do it as soon as there was a weather window – when he viewed it and loaded up his trailer with the ‘extras’ that I was throwing into the sale, it was pouring with rain.

I tried to have a go on Monday which was bright and sunny but the winds at Malbec were just too strong and too dangerous to risk a take-off, so I’m now looking at this coming Saturday as offering a possible opportunity. If so, the benefit would be that what would have been a flight of over three hours into a strong headwind with a fuel stop could become a single hop of around 2½ hours. We’ll have to wait and see.

Coincidentally, the route I’d be taking is almost the exact reverse of the route that Wim and I took to return home on the final day of our West Coast of France tour back in 2015 which, of course, I did in the X-Air.

This evening I’ve also just put the Weedhopper up for sale on Le Bon Coin and will now have to wait and see what sort of response I get. The ‘problem’ is that it only has MYRO’s old 503 engine on it, albeit with very low hours since a full overhaul, when most of the Weedhoppers here in France have 582s, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.