November 29, 2016

Still moving along

OK, the Savannah’s new high level panel is now done and ready to be installed as soon as I’ve repaired the face of the aluminium tray to which it attaches. Here’s a shot of it that I took a few minutes ago – a pretty good day’s work I think.


I was scouring the internet last night for a sheet of panel switch labels and the only one that I can find that has a reasonable delivery cost is in Germany. Even that’s very expensive, so I’ll keep looking for now.

But I did decide to bite the bullet and order a new set of Aveo Powerburst strobes at the best price that I could find from in Lithuania.

Even though they blow a big hole in my budget after paying for my car repair(!) it doesn’t make sense to do all the other work involved in replacing the Savannah’s screen and then to wait until the new year before fitting new strobes. I’ll just think of them as being a somewhat expensive set of Christmas lights 😉

Just after I’d finished typing the above, Victor dropped in – in his car. In such a relatively short time after his accident, he’s driving so now he’s pretty much independent and big congratulations to him for working so hard and doing so well. There’s no keeping him down and it was a pity that we could only celebrate with coffee as it was a bit too early in the morning for anything any stronger 😀

After a quick bite to eat, I zipped over to Malbec with my now charged-up mower to give the runway what we hope will be the last cut of this year. Mind you, it’s a double-edged sword because if the winter stays mild, which we hope it does, it’ll keep growing for sure and may need cutting again. Here are some shots after I’d finished off.



And here’s a final shot looking straight down the runway.


Doesn’t it just make you want to open up your throttle to full power and accelerate down the centre line for one of those perfectly calm but cold autumn flights? It does me 🙂