May 8, 2016

Finished work – for now

My sister and brother-in-law arrive tomorrow for a three-week stay and I’ve been pushing hard to get everything finished as far as I could in readiness for their arrival. My sister is unfortunately confined to an electric wheelchair and when I said that I was worried about mud if it rained hard while they were here, it was Jerome of Agrafeuil who came up with the idea to lay the stone along the front of the house where the new extension will be.

I think it was a great idea but as I then found that the stone was making a lot of dust that was then being walked into the house, I needed to come up with something that would solve the problem in a reasonably attractive way yet still only be a ‘temporary’ installation. I decided that I’d put a metre wide pathway of flagstones along the front of the house for the wheelchair to run on, with a ramp into the kitchen door and an extended paved area at the kitchen end where I could place my garden table and chairs so we can have breakfast and other meals outside if the weather turns nice.

It’s been a tough couple of days getting it finished on top of everything else that I needed to do, but I’ve done it and I’ll now also be able to take a well-earned rest and enjoy their company while they’re here. I bought ninety 50x50x4 cm flagstones and have laid them all over yesterday and today. Yesterday was in sweltering sunshine all-day whereas today was much cooler in a very strong south-easterly wind and I must say that I preferred the conditions yesterday. Here are a few shots of the ‘finished’ job.




I’m very pleased with it. I’ve laid the flagstones directly onto the stone, which wasn’t that level and as it could be dangerous if they rocked too much while the wheelchair was moving over them, I had to take quite a bit of trouble over it. And so they can be easily lifted again when the time comes to start work on my planned extension, all I’ve done is sweep sand into the joints between the stones to make them as stable as possible.

I’ve also put out all of the plant pots that I brought with me from England and that have been standing empty for the past four years. With a bit of luck I’ll be able to get a few plants into them while my visitors are here and that should be the finishing touch to brighten the old place up a bit. Trouble is, I’m not renowned for having green fingers 😉