October 22, 2013

A small consolation?

Curses, I knew that it had to happen. After I’d finished fitting the new carburettor rubbers on Sunday, I topped up 56NE’s tanks ready for an anticipated flight the following day, because at the time the forecast said that the weather would be similar. I was actually tempted to go late-ish on Sunday afternoon but after chatting for twenty minutes or so with Christian, I thought I ought to head for home, get Toddie’s dinner ready, stuff like that. At the time, I suspected I might regret not going, and in the event my fears were proven correct.

Although it was a warm day yesterday, the vis just didn’t pick up and it stayed hazy all day. Not too hazy to fly, but where’s the enjoyment if you want to go off into a new area, as I did, and take photographs? So I stayed grounded, hoping that things would improve today. But they haven’t. The weather chart indicates that we’re slap bang in the middle between a high of 1024 hP over central/eastern Europe and a low of 982 hP out in the central Atlantic, beyond the Bay of Biscay, and it’s the high that’s having the most influence, plunging us into a sort of anti-cyclonic gloom that’s changing only very slowly. So although the forecast is for air pressure to increase, with some unstable conditions (even thunderstorms in some forecasts) likely over the next couple of days, it looks as though I’ll be staying grounded for a little while longer.

There was a small consolation, however, yesterday evening. I glanced out of my lounge window and this is what I saw.


I thought that the sky had the look of an oil painting about it, so immediately nipped onto my neighbour’s property behind my house to take a few more shots, of which the following are a couple.



It was a real Old World, French sunset which I thought was very beautiful and well-worth spending some time admiring. While I did so, standing just beyond the southern-facing end of my house as the dusk began to fall, I was joined by a little Pipistrelle bat that kept swooping around and past me, sometimes only a foot or so from my head, as it flew in search of its evening meal. No worries about hazy vis there, then, and after a few minutes chatting to a couple of my French neighbours, Toddie and I decided to head indoors and see what we could make of the evening 😉