October 10, 2011


We had rain overnight and Sunday morning was a bit gloomy and damp. I was a bit worried that the weather might stop me doing what I wanted to on MYRO but by the time I’d had breakfast and taken the dog for his morning walk, it had brightened up considerably. I got myself together as quickly as I could and drove over to Ken’s. My first job was to give the sheep some water – whenever I arrive their trough seems to be almost empty and now they seem to associate me with getting it filled up. So when I stop my car next to it and start the hose running, several come ambling over and wait for me to finish before quenching their thirst. I don’t believe people who say that sheep are stupid animals. There are one or two in the flock that were hand-reared as lambs and a couple like to come to the fence and have their heads scratched, so I guess that’s them.

I got busy straight away on my new-new list of jobs aimed at getting MYRO ready to taxy. The main job, of course, was getting the ailerons back on and that was accomplished during the afternoon by which time Peter had dropped in. After finishing off a few bits and pieces, some of which I’ll have to re-do to tidy them up, the big moment came to wheel MYRO into the field and try a few taxy and power checks. Click on the pic below to see a short video of how things went.


I was really pleased with the results – there’s certainly loads of take off power without fiddling with the prop pitch so I’ll leave that as it is. Before I went, I cleared out some dried mud that had got between the rims and tyres on the main wheels during the accident and pumped the tyres up to the correct pressures. I also cleaned the plugs because starting, which was so quick and easy before, is now a problem. I might have to remove the carbs, strip and re-set them again as they have been left ‘standing’ for over 5 months since the accident – how time flies – and have probably become a bit garmed up with deposits inside. I may be able to have MYRO inspected anyway beforehand but I’ll play things a bit by ear as I need to go back and tidy a few things up before that. But for the time being I’m so pleased to see the light at the end of the tunnel now approaching. MYRO has taken over my life since I took on the repair work after the accident and it’ll be good to get back to some kind of ‘normality’ again – whatever that is 😕