July 24, 2010

Double disappointment

Well, John our postman came and went this morning but alas, there was no airmail letter from the USA. So it looks as though it’ll be another week before I can do anything with the starter switch. I’ll just have to live with it I suppose 😐

I went down to the field anyway just to see what would happen when I fitted the non-return valve in the fuel line. Well, initial indications looked positive – when I primed the system with the electric pump and then switched it off, the system retained the pressure. However, as soon as I started the engine, the pressure fell away rapidly just as before. So there’s only one conclusion – either or both of the Mikunis that I got off MYME are faulty and are not making any, or at least not enough, pressure. This is really disappointing as the repair kits for these items are a total rip-off at £50 for a few gaskets that cost a few pence to make (I used to work for a company that manufactured gasket materials and gaskets so I know). This is so typically Rotax 😡

I ran the engine for a bit and even tried getting up to full take off revs, but still no pressure.

There is one small thing that encouraged me though. MZEL ticks over at 3000 RPM with the 2-blade wooden prop and would stand there all day without moving. At the same revs, MYRO, with the 3-blade Arplast, starts to roll and has to be held on the brakes, so it looks as though the Arplast will give considerably better performance than the original wooden prop. Wonder when I’ll get to fly and be able to try it out 😕