January 26, 2009


As well as adding the new Galleries page, I thought I might as well tidy up the other bits and pieces that needed doing.

I’ve now got Links showing up properly in the Side Bar. The designer of the Our Trike theme (Beach House Theme by Dan Masters) has done a wonderful job and various people have commented on the excellent appearance of the blog. But somehow he’d managed to lose the ‘Links’ heading, which is why up to now I’ve only bothered putting in the one link to the BMAA. It looked a bit silly there, sort of unannounced and all by itself.

Well now I’ve been through the code and fixed the problem. Not hard to do, really, but if you’re using Internet Explorer 7 there is a bit of a gap under the ‘Links’ heading (all other browsers work properly – good ole Microsoft….. again 😕 ). So with that little job done, I’ve also added a couple more super links which I think are a really good read. Take a look at them if you have the time 😉

With that, Our Trike’s ready to go forward into 2009. So get ready for lots more news, pics and chat this year. Maybe even a few videos who knows.

I think it’s gonna be a good one 🙂