August 31, 2008

Waiting, just waiting….

So here we are, the last day of August. Yesterday the weather here in the South of England was a scorcher – around 80 degrees Fahrenheit – but today is totally different. Sky is low, dull and completely overcast and we keep getting sprinklings of drizzle. Not much wind though, which is something I suppose. That dropped, at last, several days ago, not that there have been that many good ‘flying’ days since I was last airborne. But flying, in the AX3 at least wasn’t an option anyway.

The reason is that Rosie has had another, better, AX3 stored in her garage for some time. The time for G-MYRO’s annual check came round at the end of August so she decided rather than renew MYRO’s permit, she would swap the engine (and a few other bits and pieces) over from MYRO to the other AX3 and get that flying instead. She thought it would take a couple of weeks or so and that as the weather was not too good anway, to start the work at around mid-August.

Well, we all know what happens with the best-laid plans. The change-overs all went ahead as planned and the time came for the new AX3 to be inspected, weighed and permitted. Without going into detail, a complication has arisen to do with weight-and-balance and the calculated position of the aircraft’s Centre of Gravity. It looks as though one of the ‘standard moments’ used in the calculations is incorrect and until that has been resolved, the aircraft can’t be permitted.

Now we have to wait for the (slow) wheels of bureaucracy to turn and until they do, we just have to keep waiting. Anyway, hopefully I’ll be back flying this month – and as my last flight was on July 26th, it can’t come soon enough.

Just realised, after all the somewhat lengthy trials and tribulations involving The Gauge on Our Trike, I forgot to mention that I got the one that Dave kindly sold me working. It was quite a relief let me tell you! Since then, I’ve unfortunately been unable to get any more done. With time passing, I have to get the carburettor tuning sorted out. I found while running the engine to test The Gauge that even when warm, if you close the choke much beyond half-way, the engine stops. In a microlight, that’s not good 😕 If that’s not sorted out it’ll never get its Permit even if everything else is sound. So that is now my next priority and hopefully I’ll see what I can do about it next weekend.