Sadly, the saga of The Gauge drew to its inevitable conclusion this afternoon. One way or another it had to.

Connected up the new thermocouple sender unit but after starting the engine and letting it warm up for several minutes, there was absolutely no sign of a temperature reading on the gauge. Disappointing but not wholly unexpected, I suppose.

I’ll never know whether the gauge was fully functional or not when I got hold of it and it’s possible I was on a hiding to nothing right from the beginning. But in all honesty, close reading of the manufacturer’s web site did reveal that connecting the gauge incorrectly would probably lead to irreversible damage, which is probably what happened. Thermocouples only generate very small currents so it seems likely that if, during my ‘experimentations’, I inadvertently connected the RPM wires to the CHT gauge, the relatively much higher currents involved could have blown the internal circuitry.

So that’s it then. We’ll have to get hold of another one – I guess probably a new one this time. Another time consuming setback. Very frustrating indeed. 🙁