So last Sunday we managed to get almost all of the airframe inspection work completed. We finished off the re-cabling but the problem was that when we eventually reconnected the battery and fired up the engine, the RPM/Engine Temp gauge didn’t work properly. We don’t have a wiring diagram and just had to rely on the fact that the original connections were correct. That might be a dodgy assumption. In any case, on closer inspection the gauge is U/S anyway, so until we obtain and fit a replacement, we’ll not know for sure. It would be nice to have a proper wiring diagram, though, so we know that what we’re doing is correct, so we’ll have to get in touch with Medway Microlights, who now officially support our trike model, to see if they have such a thing. My guess is they do 😉

Final job today was removing the wheels and checking and regreasing the roller bearings. Bit messy but we didn’t find any problems and it’s good to know that they are now packed with nice fresh grease.

As the weather was fine, I wanted to take some pictures of the field. Now I have a confession to make. After just taking delivery of my lovely new Pentax digital camera a few days earlier, I have to admit that I forgot to take it with me. Luckily, Ken’s son Marc came to the rescue and loaned me his, so I was able to take the following pics which give a good impression of the lie of the land.

As you can see, the field can hardly be called level, but we think there’s a strip angled slightly right to left from the foreground into the distance that will be long enough and flat enough for us to use. There are some tallish trees along the boundary of the field behind where the pics were taken from, but again these should not cause too much of a problem as the field is pretty long, as you can see, and microlight approaches are also steeper than fixed wing.

Then there was a bit of a din and Ken’s brother, Peter, decided to drop in with a friend for a cup of tea. Din, you say. Motorbike? Sports car? Not likely. Jet Ranger helicopter!

Toddie, my Springer, is an ex-Gun Dog so he was not too perturbed by the noise. The afternoon was warmer than it looks in the pics so after Peter had switched off he decided to take advantage of the helo’s shade. Bit cheeky eh 🙂

Anyway, at the end of the day. we’d made a bit more progress. More or less got everything back together and have run the engine again. Pity about that flippin’ gauge, but C’est La Microlighting Vie, I guess 😉