No flying last week-end because of windy weather but because the forecast was for the winds to increase dramatically, I dropped into Stoke anyway on Saturday to check that MYRO’s tie-downs were nice and tight. And as usual, while I was there I made sure as well that both of the X’airs that are tied down in the same area were also secure.

Well, it turns out that it was a good move. The wind was gusting 50-60mph again from the north-west last night and as I type this at 9.30am after returning from a visit to the Dentist, it’s not blowing very much less strongly now and conditions are still pretty wild. But now with a bright blue sky with clouds racing across it. These constant storm-force winds are becoming very monotonous this winter and I just hope that no harm comes to MYRO before I get my chance to fly south away from all this awful unpredictable Atlantic weather down to where the conditions and climate are so much more microlight friendly 😉

I’ve just returned to edit this post at 8.00pm. These winds are truly hellish. We’ve had them all day long which means that we’ve now had strong winds with gusts in excess of 50-60mph for over 24 hours. In fact I would think that some have been higher than that even, as they’ve hit the conservatory where I’ve been working all day like an express train passing through a station. Now it’s dark, the security light outside keeps switching itself on because of the movement of the trees and bushes in its vicinity and I really am becoming fearful for MYRO. This is not the kind of weather for any aircraft to be tied down outside, especially one as light as MYRO, but there’s nothing I can do except sit it out with my fingers crossed and hope that no damage is done. Luckily after the last experience a few weeks ago, I locked MYRO’s rudder to the horizontal stabiliser struts with cable ties otherwise I’m pretty sure it would by now have been battered enough against the elevator trim to have done more damage to the rudder fabric and possibly even to the rudder cables. I can’t remember a winter with winds like this for many a year – we had a few last year, but I flew almost every week-end from Linton, right through until the spring. This year is quite different and I have to say that I’ll be glad to escape all of these problems and be somewhere where the weather is less extreme. I was going to say ‘chaotic’ because that’s how it feels right now with the winds outside – like it’s chaos out there 😐