September 17, 2021


Yes, ready for when SDE24 and Enedis can stir themselves to provide me with an electricity supply and as ready as I can be for the start of construction, seeing as I now can’t do any more, like moving the caravan back up to the top of my land and putting in the base of my garden store, until I’ve got electricity. This is because my ‘coffre de chantier’ (the temporary electric cabinet that the land owner has to install on site while the house is being built) is now in place and my water standpipe is secured ready for use.

I retrieved some tools out of storage yesterday and then went over to Brico Depot to buy a few bits and pieces. These included a new ball valve to replace one on the caravan’s water connection that was leaking so I can eventually connect up a hosepipe, two lengths of 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm angle iron, one 2.5 metres long and the other a metre and a small bag of nuts, bolts and washers.

Then today, as it will be raining from tomorrow for several days into the coming week, I cut a metre length off the longer of the two pieces of angle iron giving me two lengths of 1 metre to bang into the ground to support my ‘coffre de chantier’ with three bolts on each side and a 1.5 metre length to do the same to support my standpipe. Here are some shots of the final results.




The ‘coffre de chantier’ is now all ready to be connected up to a mains supply. It was confirmed to me yesterday that SDE24 are the source of the current delay and I told them yesterday that I want to know by at latest today the date when they will be doing the necessary work as the current situation cannot be allowed to continue. Unsurprisingly, at the time of my typing this I’ve had no response.

I’ve designed the water stand pipe to be secured to its support by four large cable ties. Unfortunately although I already have quite a few cable ties, they’re all in the storage so I’ll have to pop out and get some more. In the meantime the standpipe is secured just with a single piece of wire until I can finish the job off. Once the cable ties are all on, there’s very little more that I can do at the moment – other than continue playing the waiting game 🙁