On 1st June, Wim and I flew down to Cavarc to meet up with Victor, stopping off at Sarlat-Domme along the way and also flying past the airfield at Belves. I videoed the flight including the approaches and landings into both Sarlat-Domme and Cavarc and although it’s taken me a while to edit the footage that I shot, it’s now up in the video gallery. To save going there, you can view it by clicking on the following image that is taken from the video and shows the final approach into runway 33 at Cavarc.

Cavarc Final

I flew the leg down to Sarlat-Domme and the take-offs and landings but Wim flew everything else, which allowed me to take a few pics in a more relaxed way for a change. I put those up in a post about the flight some time after it took place, so you’ll need to look for the date in the heading if you would like to view them. As it was only two or three posts back that shouldn’t be too difficult, but I really must go back and start tagging all of my old posts to make searching easier… 😕