OK, done. The walls either side of my new patio door have now been plastered. And it was every bit as tough as I thought it was going to be. But never mind, the whole job’s not finished yet but its back has been well and truly broken. Just some finishing to do with fine filler here and there and then just sealing of the new tiles, painting and sealing around the frame with a mastic bead to be done.

Here are the walls as of this evening. Yes, they have lots of irregularities and humps and bumps but they are supposed to have, because that’s what the walls are like in my living room. I’ve not been able to match the existing texture exactly, though. I’d have needed a ‘mate’ assisting me to do that. I think the original decorators applied the plaster as I have done spreading it on like butter with a small trowel. Then they applied a texture to it using a stiff bristled brush while it was still soft. I tried to do that but the plaster was going off so quickly that by the time I got round to it, the plaster I’d put up was already too hard.



So when the patio door is completely finished I’ll be able to return to the making good along the foot of the bathroom wall. And when that’s done, I’ll only (only he says…) have to install the new windows in the bedrooms and I can start to think about the process of moving out. To quote Mr. Barnier, the clock is ticking…

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