I had the idea of taking a brief holiday somewhere warm once my chemo treatment was over and I’ve been humming and hahing for the past few days wondering whether to book up or not – whether I’ll be well enough to go, whether it’ll be safe for me to travel by air so soon after the end of my treatment – you know, all that kind of stuff.

Everyone has told me to JUST DO IT! like they always do (good advice too…) so today I took the plunge and booked a ‘last minute’ deal to the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Hurghada for 4 to 11 February. OK, the booking is now made but it just shows what messing about can cost you.

I think, but can’t now confirm, that the flight out when I first checked was direct from Toulouse arriving at Hurghada in the early evening and the flight back was also direct, arriving at Blagnac in the later afternoon.

But not so now. The price has increased by nearly 20€ (serves me right) and although it still departs Blagnac at the same time, it now stops over at Istanbul and the connection arrives at Hurghada in the early hours. Similarly, the return flight leaves Hurghada in the early hours of the last day instead of the more civilised time that was originally quoted, again stops over at Istanbul and arrives back at Toulouse mid-afternoon.

But what the heck, at least now the break is booked and parking as well (for the princely sum of 40€ for the eight days) so as rainfall is unheard of at this time of year and the temperature should be around 24 degrees Celsius, I should at last be able to see some sun after missing out on it entirely last year due to my being indisposed.

The resort hotel I’ve chosen is some way away from the airport, the town of Hurghada itself and all commerce, but as my break will be ‘all inclusive’ that’ll suit me fine, as all I want to do is eat, drink (a little), lie in the sun and sleep. And I’ll be able to do most, if not all, of those things either next to one of the pools or on the hotel’s private beach, which just suits me fine.



And when I get back, it’ll be just about the right time to think about flying again 😉