My hopes of recovering the data on my computer’s hard drive have sadly been dashed. After replacing the controller board on the drive in question, I initially tried it on an external drive mount that I have, attached to my laptop. I could hear that the drive was powering up, but it never got beyond just going ‘tunk….tunk….tunk…’ just the same as it did before I sent the board off for repair, and failed to connect.

So I wasn’t optimistic when I replaced the drive in my computer and tried to boot it up. Sure enough, it did the same thing and was just the same as before. So that’s it. I’ll take another look on the internet for any other data recovery options but I don’t think that there are any, not ones that are economically feasible anyway. So I’m now resigned to the fact that all of the stuff on the drive has been lost, which is both disappointing and upsetting.

I have never lost irreplaceable data before and have cheap old Maxtor hard drives that are still going strong after being kicked around for many years. The drive that has failed, a Seagate, was less than a couple of years old and I thought that by paying a bit more, my data would be more secure. Evidently not. I’ll never touch another Seagate product with a barge pole.