Wim very kindly agreed to take me and my battery down to Carrefour Sarlat, where I’d bought it from, this morning so I was out in the dim early morning light and thick mist at about 8.00am to take it out of the Kia. Not at all a nice day to be doing things outside.

I’d left it on charge overnight but it still had nowhere near enough charge in it to turn the car’s engine over, let alone start it, so that was confirmation enough to me that it was shot. While I was removing it, it began to rain quite hard and I and my tools, that I’d left open beside me, got a good soaking before I managed to get indoors gain.

It was still drizzling when we drew into the Carrefour car park so I was not in the most positive frame of mind. But anyway, in we went to the Welcome desk just inside the door where a middle-aged lady was on the phone.

When she got off I explained to her that the battery that I’d bought there just over six months before and which had been working fine up to one day ago had suddenly died. I also explained that I couldn’t find the till receipt but that I’d got proof of purchase on a card statement, which I showed her.

She made a very quick phone call after which she told me that I should leave the old battery there behind her counter and get another one from off the shelf. Just like that, no drama no crisis.

Credit to both her and Carrefour, because this has been far from my experience to date whenever I’ve had to return or exchange a faulty item. Usually you get looked at as though you’re either mad or some sort of criminal who’s trying to defraud the store – the French, as I’ve often said before, still have much to lean about customer service. But not Carrefour it seems, so well done both to them and also to the courteous, well-trained lady who dealt so effectively with my problem!