Although a few days have gone by without my posting anything here on My Trike it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been doing very much. In fact I’ve been taking advantage of a period of still, settled weather that we’ve been enjoying for the best part of a week now and pressing on with my new garden tool store.

In between I’ve also rubbed down and sprayed MYRO’s old trailing links and they are now ready to be fitted onto 28AAD as soon as the opportunity arises, although right now I don’t know when that will be as my priority is the work I have to get done on the tool store and my kitchen before family members arrive for December.

We’ve been getting temperatures up to the low 20 degrees Celsius and with no rain forecast until next week at the earliest, it’s been a great time to press on with my construction work, which has been made easier by not having to put the roof covering in place at the end of the day. I had to this evening though, because a few spots began falling as I was finishing off even though no rain had been forecast, but as much of the building is now boarded, it was easy enough just to throw a small cover over the roof as the large one that I was using previously is now no longer required.

I’ve not been able to take any pictures showing the progress I’ve made because I keep finishing work at around 6.00 pm by which time it’s too dark, so I must remember to take some earlier tomorrow while there’s still enough light. One side and the back of the building are now fully boarded and the front is partially.

I didn’t get as much done today as I wanted to because I had to drop tools twice and go to Rouffignac to pick up some more screws and Montignac when I found that I needed a bit more wood. I’d hoped to get an opening window that Wim gave me some time ago into the other side and that side fully boarded but due to the delays, only managed to get the window in and the boarding done down to just below the window level.

Regarding ULMs, MYRO is definitely now no more. Wim took the remains of the fuselage off my hands to harvest the fittings that remained on it for a project that he’s just starting on. He returned the undercarriage and tanks to me that he will have no use for yesterday evening and I’ll be keeping those in dry storage until I have the time to do something with them. I’ll also be letting Wim have a few more bits that are of no use to me now but which he might find useful.

I think that that brings things more or less up to date. My phone and internet were restored much to my surprise on Monday. It appeared that a line had come down when I went out in the morning which must have been quite an easy fix. So it’s all systems go and full steam ahead, to use a couple of well-worn old cliches 😉