Meaning another job off my ‘To-Do’ list. And a good one too, because today I finished the re-roofing of my wood store.

It’s been a few days since I stripped off the old roof covering that was letting in water and we’ve had a bit of rain since. Luckily I covered it up with plastic sheets that kept most of the water off and allowed only a little to get through into the inside.

As there was so much water lying on them, I removed the plastic sheets a couple of days ago as I wanted to start fitting the new covering yesterday while it was dry and although when I went out to start early yesterday morning and found a lot of dew on the roof surface that I had to remove with my hot air gun, I think that it was the wisest thing to do.

As a result, I was able to get all of the new covering on yesterday leaving just the finishing off to do today. I thought for a while that I wouldn’t be able to re-use one of the roof side boards but in the end decided that I might as well make the best of it and finally it didn’t turn out too badly as the following shots show as the sun was dipping onto the horizon.




It’s a big relief to know that the job’s done because we expect several days of rain during the coming week and who knows what thereafter. Now, although I still have quite a bit of wood, I have to pick up the 3 stères that I’ve ordered that will fill the store up and be more than enough to see the winter out.

I’ve also got to check out my splitter because the last time that I used it, a week or so ago, some oil leaked out onto the floor. I’m hoping that something has just come loose but it’s not too serious if it’s something more major. I didn’t pay a lot for it when I bought it off Le Bon Coin some five or more years ago and there are some excellent, more powerful, ones for sale right now that I could pick up for less than having my old one repaired. I’ll know for sure soon enough.

2 thoughts on “Another box ticked

  1. Yup, it didn’t turn out too badly in the end. But funny isn’t it how you always have the bright ideas when it’s too late.

    The big problem previously was that the cheap and nasty roof covering that I’d used failed and then allowed water to seep through but the reason why the water was there in the first place was because my roof design was poor and I’d used ‘demi-chevrons’ as cross beams, rather than ‘chevrons’ and the roof had sagged slightly as a result. This in turn allowed water to pool on the roof right over a horizontal joint between the covering strips.

    This time around I packed the level up a bit over the sagged area but I know that there is still a low area as proved this morning when I again found a (smaller) pool of water on the roof. I think the measures that I’ve taken, including using better quality materials, will prevent any future problems but it occurred to me today, too late as I say, that if I’d used as section of the imperveous black PVC sheeting that I have and placed it over the affected area before applying the roof covering, it would have acted as a totally impermeable, rot-proof membrane that, as my old dad used to say, would more than likely have ‘seen me out’.

    Even if any water did manage to find its way through the roof covering, it would still have nowhere to go and would never be able to get anywhere near the chipboard sheets below that I’ve used for the roof itself. And what a nice job it would have made too 😕

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