April 17, 2021

The caravan saga – The End

This is for anyone who’s still hanging in mid-air wondering how this played out. Before I put it to bed though, here are a couple more shots of the caravan in question, heavily edited by me to disguise any clue to their true origin.



Well, I guess we all really knew deep-down that this was a scam but for the life of me because I don’t have a criminal mind I couldn’t see how they were going to make money out of it. That was until after I’d drawn the cash out of the bank to pay the ‘transporteur’, the following day I received a message saying that because his wife had suddenly given birth (yep, what a surprise for everyone, just like that, out of the blue) he couldn’t make it as planned but would be along in the afternoon of the next day.

It was then that I realised that I’d probably been over-thinking things when it dawned on me that there I was, having given my address details for the ‘delivery’ (actually, I’m not that daft – no delivery driver would ever be able to find my house using just the information that I’d provided, especially at night 😉 ) with cash in the house overnight. What a nice little earner that would be for a couple of desperadoes to break into my house during the night, threaten me in some way or another and depart into the darkness with my cash. Much better than nicking goods that then have to be sold-on for a fraction of their true value.

And an even better earner if you can place one ‘caravan for sale’ ad and get several suckers all lined up on consecutive evenings. Having realised this I decided that it was time to pull the plug, so I innocently replied saying that after re-banking the cash, for (convincing) reasons that I won’t now go into, I couldn’t continue with the caravan purchase as I didn’t know when I’d next be at home, so better for them to sell it to the next buyer in the queue. And surprise, surprise, afterwards I heard nothing more.

So somebody may have had the surprise of their life and after being denied it, ended up with a dirt-cheap, beautiful caravan parked outside their house. But somehow I doubt it…

To finish off with, a footnote about the tiling that I did yesterday. Yes, the ‘mortier colle’ did go off overnight. Like a rock. So it seems that knocking it up to be as thick as toffee is how you’re supposed to use the stuff. I can’t remember doing it like that the last time, but it was nearly 9 years ago. Maybe I did. The passing of time has a lot to be held to account for 🙁