January 18, 2020

My ex-pat X-air

This is my least favourite time of the year, but I’ve said that before – lots of times. Cold, bad weather (except for a few bright days recently) and no flying for weeks, although Malbec has just become flyable again having now dried out enough to taxy and land on. Mind you, that’s earlier than in many previous years, so perhaps I should really feel more pleased than I do.

As I’ve been stuck indoors for so long, I passed the time making the video shown below, which summarises the story of 24ZN, my ex-pat X-air, from the very beginning up to the present time.

It all became very frustrating while I was in the UK in the run-up to Christmas. On the few occasions when there was a suitable weather window and I would have been able to get away, unforeseen things went wrong that prevented me from doing so. Eventually the point arrived when the days were just too short to do the flight and in any case, strong, gusting winds that would have made the flght potentially dangerous at the best of times, were battering northern and mid-France.

So 24ZN ended up in the new hangar at Clipgate Farm near Canterbury in Kent, only a few minutes flying time from Dover and the Channel and where my microlight flying began and I was signed off with my UK licence after spending most of my training time in G-MYRO. So in one respect, the wheel turned full-circle.

I’m off soon for a few days in the sun in Egypt, as I’ve done in the last couple of years and I’ve then got an important appointment in Périgueux in the first week of March. Hopefully soon after that I’ll be back in the UK again to put a couple of hours on 24ZN before then embarking on the Channel crossing and the flight down through France to her new home in the Dordogne.

And don’t tell anyone, but I’ve also been re-contacted by a potential purchaser of my Weedhopper who was thwarted when the weather turned bad before Christmas, so who knows, maybe things will start happening all at once 😉