July 5, 2017

Another small triumph

As well as having the X-Air standing in the barn needing to have its ignition stator replaced (now done), the Savannah has been in the hangar with its nose in the air and its nose leg and wheel off since shortly after the bump that caused the damage to its front end back at the end of April.

I’d had the new nose leg ready to be refitted for several weeks but was unable to do the work, until Wim and I went over to Malbec today in the cool of the morning. We got the new nose leg installed and the Savannah back on three wheels again in about 1½ hours, something that I regarded as yet another small triumph along the way and a source of some personal relief.

So now I’ve only got an hour or so’s work to finish off the X-Air work and something similar to complete the work on the Savannah once I’ve assembled its new prop ready for fitting. I sprayed its nose wheel faring the other day but messed it up by getting a lot of runs. I don’t like the spray paint that I used but that’s no excuse and now I’ll have to spend more time rubbing them out and respraying it.

No work tomorrow and for possibly a few days thereafter as I’m due in Périgueux at 9.00 am for my second chemo treatment that will take all day, so wish me luck. By the way, I’ve noticed today that even after just the one treatment, my hair is now beginning to fall out if I grab a clump and lightly tug on it. They told me beforehand that it would happen, so all I can do is grin and bear it 😉