January 31, 2017

Is it Spring yet?

Well, no, but today was very spring-like with a high of 17 degrees Celsius. And my car temperature gauge at one time showed 22 degrees while it was standing in a sheltered spot in direct sunlight, but I believe that that really was a bit too optimistic! But I had a couple of things to do over at Malbec so I took the opportunity to get over there this afternoon while the weather was so pleasant.

The first job was to stick the labels onto the Savannah’s new switch panel. The label sheet arrived from LAS in the UK a few days ago and I’ve been wanting to get the job done so I can cross it off the list. Here’s how it looked afterwards.


Drat and double drat – even though I stuck a line of masking tape onto the face of the panel to line the labels up on, they’re still not all quite in line. But too bad, they’ll have to stay as they are, at least for now, because there are spares remaining on the sheet. I also think that I’ll have to apply ‘On’ stickers above the switches as I don’t think they look quite right without them.

The other thing I wanted to do was bring back MYRO’s old inter-wing covers that I’d taken to Malbec in case I needed to use them for 28AAD, my French Weedhopper. I didn’t and now I need to cut one of them up so I can make little patches to velcro to the Weedhopper’s top cover where there are holes for the exhaust strut from when it had a 582 engine and its old ballistic parachute.

I tossed them in the back of my car and as 77ASY was standing outside in the sun, I couldn’t resist taking a couple of shots of it.

ICP Savannah MXP 740

ICP Savannah MXP 740

Apart from starting on the general external tidying-up work that’s needed, cutting the carpet that I have to go on its cabin floor and revisiting the panel edge trim, it’s in pretty good shape and more or less ready for the coming season. After I’ve done its oil change and changed its plugs, that is. I’ve already got some great flights in mind with more ideas in the pipeline, so I can hardly wait. I’ll post more details when the time comes 😉