January 27, 2017

Condat go-around

On Saturday 21st January I repeated the flight that I did on 17th December but this time in the other direction. I’ve got the video thing cracked now and recorded footage of the whole flight, but as nothing much new happened, I won’t be putting together and posting a video of all six take offs and landings. However, I had to do a go-around at Condat, my first port of call, and as that was quite interesting, I have put together a short video showing what happened.

As Condat is an ‘altiport’ airfield, meaning that you have to land uphill and take off down, there was a pretty brisk tailwind on final. My first attempt wasn’t helped by 77ASY’s flaps that I’d set at 15 degrees for landing, unlocking and snapping themselves closed on downwind. It took me a few moments to reset them and as a result I ended up too high and too fast for a controlled landing. So I decided on a go-around and just as I climbed out a helicopter crossed my path at circuit height, joining to land.

The video can be viewed by clicking on the image link below.