January 25, 2017

Flight on 17 December 2016

My last flight of 2016 was in lovely weather and took in six local airfields. I set up my little video camera under the right wing and recorded the whole flight from beginning to end. I have since edited the recording into a video of nearly 20 minutes duration which can be viewed by clicking on the image below.

The six airfields are just a handful of the many that there are within a very small area and reflect the variety of types that we are fortunate to be able enjoy. Three of the six, Malbec, Condat and Galinat, are type ‘altiport’, meaning that landings have to be uphill and take offs down, while the others are conventional.

All six are accessible without formalities or landing fees except that in view of the heightened security level that currently prevails in France, DGAC permission is required to land at Belvès and that of the proprietor, at the demand of the local Préfecture, to land at Condat.