November 27, 2015

Life goes on

I’m now resigned to having lost the data on my computer’s old hard drive and have ordered a 3To (French abbreviation for terabyte) replacement so I can reinstate my main computer. It seems that Toshiba and Hitachi, both Japanese, are now the only independent hard disk manufacturers with the others having been bought up by Seagate and Western Digital. Both have good internet reputations for quality and reliability so I’ve ordered a Toshiba, which should arrive soon.

Although it’s bolting the stable door a bit after the event, I’m also awaiting delivery of a Samsung 2To external USB drive which I’ll use for backups from now on. This will probably mean that from now until Kingdom Come I’ll never get another hard drive crash (this is the first one ever when I’ve actually lost data) but with a modern USB drive that doesn’t need a separate power supply and software that only updates your backup with new data and updates of the old, keeping a running backup is, in all honesty, no hardship and I fully admit that I should have been doing so.

The other thing I did yesterday was order a new video editing suite on line. I’ve stuck with Corel VideoStudio Pro as although I lost the installer of the software that I’d bought (via download) and installed, I was entitled to a 50% off upgrade as an existing user. This was worth a reasonable amount of money and made it not economically worthwhile to purchase a different package, the more so as I’m quite happy with the Corel product. The ironic thing is that I still had a backup copy of the installer that I originally purchased but not of the upgrade that I’d replaced it with.

So now with my new garden tool store in a state whereby it is fully usable, it’s time to turn my attention to other matters. Next week is forecast as being a period of high pressure during which there should be no rain until the latter part of the week and reasonably high daytime temperatures, possibly as high as 14 degrees Celsius. So it’ll be a good time to repair the bedroom window that I broke getting back into my house when my car and house keys became locked in my car, and get some new wood delivered to heat the house over the next few weeks.

With that in mind, I’d wanted to clear the decks of the last of the wood that my friend and old next-door neighbour Benjamin, who I miss along with Aurélie and their little son Samuel, gave me when he moved, so while it was warm(ish) and dry this afternoon, I split and stacked it up in my wood store. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I still had and if I buy in 4 stères of good dry oak from M. Dumas, the wood stocks I’ll then be holding should see me well into the winter.

There are two other jobs that I need to do, namely putting one of the cupboards that I’ve had for the past couple of years, temporarily up onto the kitchen wall and installing a new oven, for which an under-counter place has been available to be filled for a similar amount of time. These are both required for when my family arrive for Christmas and will become more of a priority with each passing day, so I must fit those in too as soon as possible.

There’s no rest for the retired… 😉