November 17, 2015

Can you believe this?

I thought I was having a bad enough time with the all of the problems to do with my new mobile phone but what happened today really took the biscuit!

It was misty, cold and damp again this morning but I was quite happy to be working outside putting up the ‘underlap’ roofing felt securing boards on the tool store. It was quite slow work once again because I’m using the cut pieces of board that I have left over that would otherwise go to scrap, and as well as having to cut them to length I also have to strip the edges to remove the tongue and groove.

I finished off the back of the roof and decided to stop for lunch before starting on the front and was very pleased with how things had gone as the end result was very acceptable, as these shots taken at the end of the afternoon show.



After I’d had a bite to eat, I was looking out of the window before resuming work and was surprised to see that it had started to drizzle, as no rain had been forecast for today even though it was overcast. So I had no choice but to get my ride-on mower back undercover and abandon the idea of working outside for the day.

I thought that I might as well get changed and take a drive up to Bricojem in Rouffignac to see if they had a hook and eye that matched the one that I’d got from Brico Depot, so having cleared up and put everything away, got into my car and went to start it.

I was shocked and amazed to find that the engine wouldn’t even turn over and that the battery was practically dead, because I’d only bought it from Carrefour in Sarlat in early May and it was therefore only just over six months old. I thought that I’d try putting the charger on it, so then jumped out of the car to get it and my long extension lead.

What I didn’t realise was that as the battery level falls, the automatic door locks activate and when I got back, I couldn’t get into the car and, yup, there were my car and house keys hanging inside still in the ignition. My house was all locked up, so what to do?

There was no point trying to get in through either door as even if I’d broken a pane of glass in one, there were no keys within reach to open them with. So that just left a window, and I decided that the best idea would be to get my ladder out of the tool store and try to take a pane of glass out of my bedroom window without breaking it. This would then allow me to reach the handle and climb into the house.

The plan worked but it was impossible to do without breaking the glass, and the window is now temporarily boarded up until my car is mobile again.


So now as well as having to sort out my phone, get yet another new battery for my car and, most likely, have a bit of set-to with Carrefour when I try to get a refund or credit (I can’t find the till receipt anywhere but I do have the relevant entry on one of my card statements), I also now have to put a new pane of glass into my bedroom window. It’s incredible the way that things can turn on you just when you least expect it 😐