November 15, 2015

Still pressing on

I bought an old bike yesterday. I knew on the way back home with it that I shouldn’t have, because although it’s all there and works, quite honestly it’s a bit scruffy. I don’t need a bike immediately at this very moment and I should really have waited until a better one costing a bit more came along, but in my defence all I can say is that I felt a bit sorry for the English couple selling it.

After 12 years in France, they’re returning to the UK and selling up as much as they can before leaving in order to help fund the move. I won’t say any more, except from the look of things, every little will help, including getting rid of their old bikes, but anyway, enough of that and what’s done is done.

First thing this morning I tightened a couple of nuts on it that were loose, pumped the tyres up and did a few circuits up and down the road. It was good fun but I’ll talk a bit more about what I have in mind in another posting. Then it was time to crack on with the tool store.

Cleaning it out was well overdue and the first job was to get rid of what had become a fairly large accumulation of sawdust and wood shavings. Then it was time to get going on the doors, starting with the door frame. The job involved a heck of a lot of cutting and I was surprised how long it took to make the doors up and how tiring it was.

By the time dusk fell, I’d assembled both doors. There wasn’t enough time to hang them, and in any case, that’s a job to do in daylight, but at least it was possible to use them to close up the tool store’s entrance for the first time.



There will be plenty of time to hang them tomorrow and, who knows, there might even be enough time for me to make up and fit the building’s corner and roof trims. I’ll have to wait and see 😉