November 13, 2015

Another miserable day

I awoke to another very misty morning after rather a poor night’s sleep (due to eating cheese before bedtime) so I wasn’t in the best of moods. I decided that it wasn’t worthwhile trying to do anything on the tool store today because everything outside was just so dripping wet.

As there are no doors on it yet (it’s the next job that I want to do) I park my ride-on mower inside overnight with a cover over it and my chop saw that I leave in there ready for action on my Workmate bench, and even that was wet this morning. So as I needed to do some shopping, I thought that I’d also drop into les Briconautes for some slightly larger screws than I bought the other day from Brico Depot, to use for making up the doors when I can eventually get cracking on them.

My mood wasn’t improved when, as I descended the hill towards Thonac, the wet fog that I had back at home that was preventing me working turned into a light mist as I exited the cloud line and it didn’t improve either when I was admonished by Patrick (his name badge said) in Intermarché for using the ’10 items or less’ queue when I had considerably more in my basket.

I won’t say what my reply was, but as everyone knows, I do like to spread a little happiness wherever I go 😀