November 10, 2015

I hate roofing work

In fact I loathe and detest it, especially working with bituminous roofing felt. It’s heavy and tiring work, up and down ladders carrying heavy rolls of the stuff, and at the end of the day you end up covered with the horrible thick black adhesive that it uses no matter how careful you are.

But after my cock-up of a couple of days ago, at the end of today not only did I get all of the ‘skirts’ in around the base of the tool store, so the walls are all now completely solid, but I also got all of the roofing strips in position and stuck and nailed down. All that I need to do tomorrow is finish off the overhangs at the back and front and fit the side trims and the roof will be more or less done.

So the finish line for the tool store is beginning to hove into view. And not before time because I’m now beginning to feel quite tired and, quite frankly, a bit fed up with it too. Maybe I’ll begin to feel a bit better tomorrow when I start on the doors, which I rather enjoyed making last year for my wood store. I’ll have to wait and see…

Once again, no pictures today because by the time I’d finished and cleaned my tools and myself up, it was pitch black. But a least I confirmed that the headlights on my ride-on mower work when I put it away 😉