November 8, 2015

My first big cock-up

My dad who was an expert carpenter and joiner, used to always say, ‘Measure twice, cut once’, when I was watching and learning from him over the years while I was young. And he was dead right, of course. Today I forgot that simple lesson and paid the price – literally.

From memory, the most expensive single item that I’ve bought for my new garden tool store has been the roof covering. Two rolls of roofing felt from Leroy Merlin came to 105€, high quality but not cheap, therefore. I had calculated that I’d get two strips from each roll to cover the roof with a little bit left over from each, so what possessed me this afternoon I do not know.

Without thinking too much about it, before I’d realised what I’d done, I’d cut two lengths of 271 cms from the first roll when the measurement should have been 371 cms. By then it was too late and now the only choice that I have is to go and buy another roll. So that’s 52.50€ down the drain and an expensive lesson re-learnt. That’s unless someone needs two lengths of roofing felt, each piece 271 cms long – good quality, no rubbish 😉