July 29, 2014

Good fun

The scouts arrived as planned just after 7.00 pm and then promptly disappeared again leaving their kit on my grass. Just a short while ago I got a knock on the door and there was a young man clutching 3 giant cans of ravioli and asking if I could heat it up for them in my microwave. As I type this, they’re all sitting round in a circle stuffing their faces with the stuff which they needed plates, well bowls for, actually, and spoons. Then they asked if I could let them have 6 glasses – one is drinking his Oasis straight from the can, apparently :-). They asked if I had any bread, but that I couldn’t help them with. So it’s all great fun and going swimmingly, apart from the tent, which is still lying flat on the grass. They’d better get a move on otherwise they’ll be putting it up in the dark, which won’t be many laughs as it gets really dark here if there’s no moon. And I suppose the next thing is that they’ll all be queuing up to use the toilet and bathroom before turning in 😀

They’re a lovely bunch of kids all aged around 11 I’d say, looked after by an older one of about 15. They’re all ever so polite and have all had a go practicing their English on me. What an adventure – it takes me back to when we used to camp out in our back gardens at the same age 😉

It’s nearly 10.30 pm and I’ve just come back to say that I eventually found out that they are almost totally disorganised! There are 7 of them and the tent they have has no poles or pegs. It seems that they thought they could all just lie on it under the stars with half of it pulled up over them to shelter them from the weather. And we’re expecting a bit of rain tonight as well 🙄

Luckily I had two tents in my ‘cave’ – both with flysheets, one that will sleep 5 and the other that will take 2. We whizzed around an hour or so ago to get them put up and I’ve just left them all chattering away as they settle themselves in for the night. As expected, they all needed the toilet but when I asked them if they needed to clean their teeth, it appeared that they had all ‘forgotten’ to bring their tooth-brushes with them. I wonder if their Mums back in Lille know 😐

They told me that they expect to get up at 7.30 am tomorrow morning in order to be able to leave at 9.00 am, which rather surprised me. Until one of them asked me that if they all over-slept, would I be able to go out and wake them all up as they don’t have an alarm clock between them. So it looks like an early start for me too – all good fun eh 😕