July 26, 2014

Oh oh…

When I got up this morning and went to fill my kettle to make my morning tea, lo and behold I found this little chap staring back at me from the bottom of my sink.



It was a tiny little shrew and he’d obviously found his way indoors and dropped into the sink during the night while exploring. Being naturally of a cautious disposition, I decided that although I wanted to move it out, pronto, I shouldn’t rush into it. And just as well too, because I’ve since checked on the internet and found that shrews are pugnacious little blighters and despite their diminutive size, are willing to take on pretty much any opponent. This means that you’re very likely to be on the receiving end of a nasty nip if you don’t take care picking them up, and as they don’t take the trouble to clean their teeth using a good quality tooth-paste or use mouthwash, you can end up with a small but infected wound. Some shrews, I found, are even venomous to assist them in catching prey larger than themselves but I doubt that that would have included my little varmint.

Anyway, I dropped an old duster into the sink and it instinctively ran straight under it to hide, giving me the opportunity to wrap it up and take it outside, wriggling around all the while that I did so. I took it some way from the house before placing the duster on the grass and when I lifted it up a bit, the little terror scampered out and hid in some long tussocks. I just hope that this is the last that I’ll see of it because if shrews are anything like mice, quite often where one goes, others are bound to follow. I just hope that this isn’t the start of a shrew invasion 😐