November 29, 2009

Marking time with crossed fingers

So here we are just coming up to the end of November and, of course, with Christmas just around the corner too. Work on MYRO came to a complete halt at the end of October really and I’ve hardly even opened the garage door this month, let alone done any more work on it. And it’s just as well really. Weather-wise November has been an appalling month. We’ve had an amazing amount of high winds and much of the time these have also been accompanied by continuous intense downpours of rain. This was felt most painfully in the Borders area in the North of England where Cockermouth and Workington suffered heavy flooding, homes, businesses and, sadly, lives were lost and even heavy stone bridges were washed away by the overflowing rivers. My own experiences with my MYRO project effectively shelved now until the Spring pale into insignificance in comparison.

Without having somewhere to keep MYRO where I could fit its wings, it was impossible for me to go ahead and do so anyway, but in a way, it was fortunate that I could not under the circumstances. If I had done, MYRO would have been standing out in all this weather which would have made me very sad and annoyed after all the work I’ve done. As it is, the wings in the hangar in Canterbury and MYRO in my garage, can stay where they are now until the weather improves.

At the time of writing, I haven’t taken any further steps to inhibit MYRO’s engine. However, I don’t think the danger of internal corrosion is very great. The metal tools hanging on my garage wall, which have no corrosion protection at all, are not going rusty so I can’t see why it should be any different for MYRO’s engine. I’m not so sure that that’s true, though, for the X-Air (see the Galleries page) that I bought well over a year ago that Ken still has. It hasn’t flown now for over a year and I’m not sure that it has even been turned over or started regularly. For most of the time since it’s been down South it has lived in the open although I think it recently went into a hangar. When its Permit came up a few months ago there was a problem with corroded nuts and bolts which in many cases were worse than the ones I replaced on MYRO. These have been replaced on the X-Air but after that, I’d be rather concerned about the internal condition of the engine. But there you go, it’s not my worry I’m glad to say 😉

I haven’t heard anything from my friend about my keeping MYRO on his land in Kent and I’ll leave off phoning him for the time being. I recently asked another friend if he knows anyone with some suitable land where I could keep and fly MYRO from and he said he knows someone with a goodly size farm that would be suitable. He said he would find out whether he’d be agreeable and if so, that would be marvellous. The location is not too far from my home and it would be a much better one for taking off and landing as far as I can tell, as it doesn’t have any neighbours close by who might be overflown. I’m really keeping my fingers crossed on this one I can tell you 🙂