January 30, 2009

Darling Buds

Just back from giving the dog his first walk of the day. I noticed that tiny buds are already appearing on the tips of the branches of some of the trees. So despite the Credit Crunch and the turmoil of the global financial crisis, the World will keep turning and life will go on.

Wonder what kind of year 2009 will be for flying? Better than 2008, I hope. Surely it can’t be any worse. I’m going to make ‘Optimism’ my theme for 2009. I think if everyone did the same and stopped talking things down, things would get better a lot quicker.

So Optimism it is then 😀

January 29, 2009

New Year…… New Theme!

While I was doing the work to add the new Photo Gallery and Video pages, I happened across a WordPress theme called ‘Apples’. I’ve always loved the ‘Beach House’ theme that I’ve been using up to now but I just found ‘Apples’ so fresh and exciting! I thought about making the change but when I tried it out, I found there were a couple of problems with it.

But persistence has paid off and after tinkering around under the bonnet I made everything work as it should. And now you see it 🙂


So we’re going into the New Year with a brand new theme. Now it’s done I love it even more than before – it’s so full of life that I think it makes ‘Beach House’, shown above, look a bit, well, conservative and old-fashioned 😕 Do you agree? Let me know what you think 😉

January 27, 2009

Hooray! Videos!

To complement the Photo Galleries, I’ve now managed to add a Videos page as well 🙂

Not as easy as I first thought. I spent ages searching for suitable plugins – and believe me, there are a lot of them to choose from. But many of them assume that you just want to post YouTube or other similar third-party vids which isn’t much use if you want to show your own ones that are stored on your web site.

And also, very annoyingly, there are loads out there where the people who created them have then utterly failed in explaining how to use them 😯 Blimey – what a waste of time and effort, both for them (sadly) and me!

Anyway, I think I’ve got what I want although I’ve not managed even now to find a plugin that does it exactly. I still have to do a bit of extra coding on the Videos page myself to get the layout I want. But I’m pleased with it, I have to say 😉

January 26, 2009


As well as adding the new Galleries page, I thought I might as well tidy up the other bits and pieces that needed doing.

I’ve now got Links showing up properly in the Side Bar. The designer of the Our Trike theme (Beach House Theme by Dan Masters) has done a wonderful job and various people have commented on the excellent appearance of the blog. But somehow he’d managed to lose the ‘Links’ heading, which is why up to now I’ve only bothered putting in the one link to the BMAA. It looked a bit silly there, sort of unannounced and all by itself.

Well now I’ve been through the code and fixed the problem. Not hard to do, really, but if you’re using Internet Explorer 7 there is a bit of a gap under the ‘Links’ heading (all other browsers work properly – good ole Microsoft….. again 😕 ). So with that little job done, I’ve also added a couple more super links which I think are a really good read. Take a look at them if you have the time 😉

With that, Our Trike’s ready to go forward into 2009. So get ready for lots more news, pics and chat this year. Maybe even a few videos who knows.

I think it’s gonna be a good one 🙂

January 24, 2009

Look…….. Now With Galleries!

Just got a Gallery feature installed and working. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while because although you can include individual pics in postings, it’s nice to be able to put related ones all together in a gallery where they can be viewed properly.

But nothing ain’t that simple with this here blogging 🙂

All of these little gizmos are done with what are called plugins. First you have to decide what kind of plugin you are looking for and then you have to go through the list of available ones and decide which one looks as though it’ll do what you want. Then you have to install and configure it which isn’t necessarily that simple or straightforward.

I chose a gallery plugin called Lazy-K-Gallery which seems to do just what I want. You can link to a gallery in a post while at the same time having all of your galleries on view in your ‘Galleries’ page. Anyway, let’s see how we go. I’m still experimenting with other gallery plugins and although I’ve found some very nice ones, several do not show the large version of the images in the gallery correctly in Internet Explorer 7. What is it about MS stuff nowadays – all the other browsers I’ve tried including Firefox, Opera and Chrome work perfectly 😕 I look forward to receiving any comments if people have the time and inclination to post any 😉